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Our Firm


Podrebarac Barristers is a litigation boutique located in downtown Toronto. We resolve disputes for some of Canadaʼs largest and most successful businesses. Our
core practice areas are complex commercial litigation and class actions. We also have significant expertise in other areas, which you can read about by clicking here.

We are known for providing top-notch legal and strategic advice, sound judgment and passionate advocacy, inside and outside the courtroom.

We are committed to excellence in all that we do and we practice law to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Our Approach

We begin all cases at the end, by determining our clientʼs ultimate objectives.  We then develop strategies to achieve those objectives.

As part of this process, we gather facts and documents.  In the case of a business dispute, we also take steps to learn more about our client’s business and how it operates so that we can see the problem through their eyes and in the overall context of their business.  We ask hard questions, conduct research and refine the issues. We think about the problem … hard. And then we think some more.

Applying a thorough knowledge of the law and procedure, common sense and experience, we develop strategies and a plan to solve the problem and achieve our client’s objectives. This may involve an innovative approach that circumvents the legal system altogether or a strategy to navigate the complex maze of a legal dispute, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation or a combination of these processes. We provide a risk/benefit analysis of each approach and we communicate clearly and regularly throughout.

Because two heads really are better than one and we are sensitive to the costs of litigation, we often use a team approach to provide the best advice and service to our clients. That doesn’t mean paying double for our services. It means selecting the right person to perform work on aspects of the case as part of a highly integrated team. It also means that our team meetings and brainstorming sessions are enriched by having more than one keen legal mind focused intently on achieving our clientʼs objectives. We have witnessed how 1 plus 2 can equal 5 in these brainstorming sessions and our results speak for themselves.